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'Dance It Out' Workshops

Often times when stress is held in the body, the body "forgets" how to move and breath. Her 60 Minute body movement classes take you on a journey of rediscovering your own body through moving to music while paying attention to your breath. If you have been feeling disconnected from yourself lately, this could be just what you need. Space is limited!!! Sign up now for the next available class. 

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Grief Coaching

When life hits unexpectedly and you need a little support learning a new life, I'm here. Here to help you meet those goals while navigating the roller coaster of grief. 

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Emotional Release Massage

Experiencing the power of touch can be extremely healing. Touch from you, a partner or practitioner can heal generations of wounds buried deep in the body's nervous system. You are guaranteed to leave with a greater understanding of your own body and with a toolbox packed full of real-time life hacks to help re-wire your nervous system. 

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Connect with your soul at this life-changing retreat. Soak up the benefits of checking out on life for a minute and come back ready to kick life's ass! Get exclusive content not available on social media and be a part of this unforgettable event!

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