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  • Give yourself permission to feel it.

  • start being mindful of your breathing. do not hold your breath. keep breathing.

  • Tell a trusted person while it is happening and request they stay with you until it passes.

  • Get yourself to a safe place to be able to sit, if needed.

  • Put both feet flat on the ground, connecting you to the earth.

  • Put one or both hands flat on the ground - this connects you to Mother Earth.

  • Let the feelings pass through your body as you keep breathing.

  • When you feel the instinct to get up, give yourself 60 more seconds.

Coping strategies for ptsd episodes -

  • Ask if you can sit or stand with them.

  • Keep a respectful distance.

  • Do not panic or think you need to "fix" this for them. Ask them if they know what kind of support they need from you or if your presence is enough.

  • Encourage continued breathing.

  • Ask if they would like a hand on their shoulder, knee, or hand. Wait for consent.

  • Let them talk and experience their emotions.

  • When their instinct kicks in to get up, encourage them to stay for 60 more seconds, enough time for at least three more deep breaths.

techniques for emotional support person -

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