Body Movement

Along with touch being a vital part of healing pain, Stephanie uses movement and breath to ground the body and soul.  You see, Stephanie is very much her own person and struggled to find some sort of body movement to support her in her healing journey.  While she loves her yoga buddies, she just wasn't getting the release she felt she needed.  Dancing had been a passion as a young girl so wanting to return to it wasn't a big stretch. She found that combining her breath with music and free-flowing dance unlocked her magic box where she is able to slip into another realm of releasing emotions.  Listen, she's just a woman that has been through some tough shit, learned how to drop her walls to be vulnerable in order to heal, and is here to support others who vibe with the whole body movement thing.


Often times when stress is held in the body, it "forgets" how to move and breath.  Pain and resistance might not allow certain movements or maybe your body doesn't feel grounded (stable) enough to be able to move without losing balance. Both are common responses to the human experience, you're not alone in the way you are feeling.


Stephanie is sure to be respectful and mindful of each persons limitations. She is here to meet you where you are at, not take you where she thinks you should go. Her body movement classes take you on a journey of rediscovering your own body through moving to music while paying attention to your breath. A process that allows you to stay connected to how your body is feeling in the present moment while also releasing stress through movement. If you have been feeling disconnected from yourself lately, this could be just what you need.  You'll never know unless you try it, right??  If it's not for you, that's cool.  You do you, Love.

Each class is sure to be a safe container for all, as Stephanie's perspective is that everyone is a perfectly imperfect human.  As the facilitator, she takes each clients feeling of safety in to consideration and is sure to be mindful of the energy being created by the class as a whole.

No judgement is her number 1 policy.